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Shawn and Elizabeth met at her parents restaurant a few years ago. He was eating dinner
with a friend of his and she was sitting at the bar talking to
some regular patrons. He approached her after locking eyes
a couple times and said that he just wanted to say “hi”. She said hello back and the rest is history!!

Shawn and Elizabeth are getting married in April of 2016 at Copper Creek in Kleinburg. They picked the
month of April because that was the month they met and the month that he proposed!

Elizabeth loves Shawn’s beautiful smile, his hard work ethic, his eyes and the way he looks at her.  The way she feels around him is so natural and she loves the way he is with their dog max, he adores him!
Shawn loves Elizabeths Personality, her smile, her home cooked meals, she’s pretty, funny and honest! Overall she’s a really good person.

The Proposal: Marlee and Jonathan had been dating for 8 and a half years and knew for a long time that they were going to get married. One special day, Jonathan had stopped by Marlee’s place (without her knowing) and left a card and CD on her car to find while she was at work. The cd actually wasn’t working (the first 2 songs) but she could tell it was someone talking so she called him and he asked her to come home after work right away. The CD was a mix of their favourite songs together.

Once she arrived home, there was a note on the door saying to come in to the backyard. All through the house, there were candles and a string of pictures he put up with lights from their relationship together. He was standing in the backyard beside a ping pong table put up like a bristol board which said in christmas lights “Marry Me!!”

Check out Marlee and Jonathan’s highlights video from Sephardic Kehila Centre in Thornhill, Ontario.