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The Proposal: Marlee and Jonathan had been dating for 8 and a half years and knew for a long time that they were going to get married. One special day, Jonathan had stopped by Marlee’s place (without her knowing) and left a card and CD on her car to find while she was at work. The cd actually wasn’t working (the first 2 songs) but she could tell it was someone talking so she called him and he asked her to come home after work right away. The CD was a mix of their favourite songs together.

Once she arrived home, there was a note on the door saying to come in to the backyard. All through the house, there were candles and a string of pictures he put up with lights from their relationship together. He was standing in the backyard beside a ping pong table put up like a bristol board which said in christmas lights “Marry Me!!”

Check out Marlee and Jonathan’s highlights video from Sephardic Kehila Centre in Thornhill, Ontario.

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Jodian and Evan had a small, intimate wedding in Brampton today. We came to Mississauga City Hall for an indoor/outdoor session. The lighting at city hall is always so beautiful, especially this time of year with all of the snow surrounding the building.